World of Warcrafts original box cover art.

Every World Of Warcraft Expansion Ever

On October 10th, 2016 in Humor

Only you can save Azeroth. Along with 9-24 of your hero friends.

Someone reaches into their pack for a crafting reagent but accidentally pulls out a lost continent.

Fight Ancient Spiders.

Fight Undead Spiders.

Fight Magic spiders.

A trusted major character can no longer be trusted.

Someone makes fun of Varian’s hair and he starts a war with the Horde.

Walk, don’t fly to your adventures.

What if elves, but more glamour?

What if elves, but more goth?

What if elves, but more spider?

A main character previously slain or shows up making some half hearted excuse about traffic on the flight paths.

Sylvanas starts a war with the Alliance when she refuses to turn down her 21 Pilots playlist, shouting “You just don’t UNDERSTAND me”.

What if old content but new again?

Several years have passed and still no women have apparently been born.