Woman with dog at feet and man playing cards. Other man lying disinterested in the background.

Every Gamer Insult

On March 9th, 2016 in Humor


Go play Runescape

Go play MathBlaster

Go play Dos Games

Go play Pac Man

Go play Atari

Go play with two exposed circuit boards and some solder


@%#! YOU !$@ER OF @#$!@ !@$@&# AND $@&!%@$ $%@!, @!%@&!@ %!@ YOUR SISTER!

Nice default character skin, loser

I absolutely refuse to imagine anyone I interact with complexly which means I miss out on the more subtle beauty of existence and that frustrates me

If we would all just listen to everything I say maybe, we would win for a change


I can’t believe you spent money on a unique character skin, loser

Just look at the scoreboard. Look at how much lower your numbers are then my numbers. The only reason that could be is you are objectively bad

This game is fundamental to my sense of self and understanding of the world so if you could please stop dying and take this seriously, THANKS


Omg did u really take that talent? Every guide on the internet says don’t ever take that talent. Srsly, nothing is worse than that talent. Literally shooting yourself in the hand and trying to play this game is a better choice than that talent, omg.