Anxiety Dreams Ranked

On March 29th, 2016 in Lists

  1. Your teeth are loose, and you remember this dream, but you can’t stop yourself from playing with them until they fall out and hang off your gums by their arteries and nerves. You try to rip them off but pulling on them only draws out the the pulpy cords like some kind of unending and painful ball of twine.
  2. A bodiless creature in a leather coat and wide brimmed hat walking slowly, but steadily, through an endless desert.
  3. You find the love of your life but when you kiss them their mouth is spiders. You apologize, for some reason.
  4. That dream where you can fly except it mostly just feels like falling.
  5. Bumping into an old friend you regret losing contact with.
  6. It’s time to present and everyone is waiting in the meeting room but you still need to finish your slides.
  7. Your band performance is about to start when your reed breaks.
  8. Running late for a job interview
  9. You run out of episodes watching Star Trek: Voyager but they never make it home.
  10. Just low key at work because your brain doesn’t know where else to be.