A sputnik looking space pod landing on a yellow cratered surface.

An Alien Observes A Game Of Football

On June 2nd, 2016 in Quibbles

The prisoners running up the sidelines are upset with the boar cosplayers because they did not kick the fake almond right.

I assume the prisoners are used as judges because of their high proximity to the danger, and the helmet tusks harken back to the earliest ages of the tradition. I have yet to understand why an almond, however.

The telemarketers on the sides of the big hopscotch lines are frowning very hard at their clipboards. Though they are not directly involved in combat they direct the fighters and their fates are intertwined

A team has kicked the almond through the large tuning forks, and the kooshball waving women seem to be agitated.

Somebody is hurt and being carted off the field by the coliseum medics while the prisoners launch flags into the air signaling their malaise. The caesars in the box demand the game continues.

The caesars always decide the fate of those in the coliseum, though the blood sport has changed over centuries this much has remained the same.

We have reached the halfway point and they are carting out a sacrifice to the pillory constructed in the center of the weedy field.  A fiery display is made to convey the caesar’s wrath. The tribute is screaming with rhythm for mercy. They have finished and the crowd ululates in approval. The caesar submits to their will and the sacrifice is spared.

The men-as-boars continue ram their heads together much the same as in the first half.