Old photo of actors as Wizard of Oz's Tinman, Scarecrow, Dorothy, and Lion. Bottom right corner torn.

A Middle School Teacher Finds Teachable Moments For The Wizard Of Oz

On March 3rd, 2016 in Humor

What a lovely line Dorothy, I am sure Ms. Clyde in the music department is going to love it. But of course birds can’t fly over the rainbow, anyone know why?

Now Scarecrow, don’t be so hard on yourself, of course you have a brain. You just have to use it, we are all here to learn, after all.

While I am sure a bird might enjoy “conferring with the flowers,” and “consulting with the rain,” as you put it, that is not quite the reason I was looking for.

That’s right Lion, very good! Because a rainbow is just light refracted through water droplets.  This occurs at a roughly 42 degree angle, and so they always appear off to the side of the viewer. Speaking of water drops what do we remember about the water cycle?

It’s the cycle of water being transported between the bodies of water, the ground and the air, so then – Tinman are you okay? Do you need to step out?

You just don’t like the water cycle very much? Ah, and why not? Because it rusts you. Right, of course. My apologies! But, while we’re on it, do you know why it rusts you?

That’s okay it’s an advanced topic, but the water and oxygen in the air react with your metal to generate metal-oxides and hydrates: what we call rust.  What did we cover in our water chemistry section? Yes, Dorothy?

It’s a good solvent! And why is it a good solvent? It’s polar, very good! It has a slight charge, like most things, which makes it a good solvent since “like dissolves like”.  So, what does this tell us about witches then?

Ha, yes they’re scary, Lion, but what else?

They’re polar! Witches are very polarizing figures in Oz and so readily dissolve in water.

Excellent review guys tomorrow we will begin- hey hey hold on. Yes I hear the bell, and I know you want to follow follow follow follow follow the bell schedule, but they do not dismiss you: I do.

Tomorrow we will begin our unit on weather with cyclone formation, and we’ll be doing a lab demo so make sure to you have proper footwear.

Okay, now you’re dismissed.