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90s Kids: What Do You Remember?

On February 18th, 2016 in Humor

Do you remember the 90s?

Does anyone?

Someone, please. What happened in the 90s? Why doesn’t anyone remember the 90s?

It’s just a vague haze of neon colors and slap bracelets… but, no, that was the 80s.

The cold war ended but then so does our memory. We all collectively lost consciousness and woke up 10 years later in the middle of our lives.

Please doesn’t anyone remember the 90s?

I have these binders full of playing cards with strange animals on them. I know they are called pocketmon.

No, that’s not quite right.


Yes, pokemon. That’s what they’re called, but I don’t know how I got them or what they’re for.

Somebody named Bill claims he was president but literally no one remembers his term.

Apparently it was two terms? Anyway, even when pressed to say what he did as president he just shakes his head and suggests maybe we’d like to hear a song before pulling out a saxophone.

We know the 90’s happened. We are reminded every time someone says something like ‘No soup for you!’ or shouts ‘We were on a break!’ or  ‘Did I do that?’ and the initial laughter fades as we collectively realize no one knows what we’re referencing or why we said it in such a nasally voice.

What went wrong? Who did this to do us?

We don’t know but we will continue to use the internet we woke up with to broadcast our carefully curated lists  and gifs, laced with our plea for help:

Do you remember the 90s?